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McDonnell Douglas was more successful (Airways, January/February 2016) in transforming 110 DC-8-60s into -70s by equipping them with those same engines by 1988. Specifications. Yet Boeing remains on track to increase 737 production to a … The initial reception was mixed, with some customers being disappointed that the company was not proceeding with the NSA. Airbus will raise A320 production rates to 50 aircraft per month in early 2017 and to 60 by 2019. This has swung back and forth between Airbus and Boeing over the last few years, and the two manufacturers are racing to add production to their core single-aisle programs. Le 737Max10, le 797, l'A321neo et sa version XXL pourraient se substituer aux avions longs courriers sur certaines destinations. Boeing’s 737 MAX 10 claims for overall performance versus A321neo. Un Boeing 737 MAX est stocké sur un parking, à Seattle (Etat de Washington), le 27 juin. What to Hate. With a key customer essentially in danger of jumping to Airbus, a scrambling Boeing decided to reengine the 737NG and to push back the Y1’s launch to 2030. La principale modification est l'implantation de moteurs CFM International LEAP-1B, plus gros et plus efficaces. Airbus delivered its first A320neo, and Boeing successfully put its 737 MAX to the skies (at an incredibly quick and smooth pace). Boeing pitched the aircraft to AA and Southwest (WN), with an offer for 737-800NGs to help the manufacturer achieve  relative parity. Although the 737-800 (and -8 MAX) have a nominal advantage in operating costs over the A320ceo/neo, Airbus has a (not-so) secret weapon up its sleeve that has more than evened the playing field: inertia in airline fleet planning. As I mentioned the other day, he A321neo-LR uses the CFM LEAP-1A engines, while the 737-MAX uses the CFM LEAP-1B engines: An upgrade to a larger engine will likely involve a redesign of the 737’s landing gear. In all, Boeing had 948 commitments and firm orders from 13 customers for the 737 MAX. Boeing finally presented the 737 MAX 10 at the ISTAT 2017 US conference in San Diego last week. In November 2009, Boeing filed a patent application, which envisioned an elliptical composite fuselage, signaling that the concept could become the 737’s successor. As Airbus progressed with the A320 Enhanced, it soon realized that engine technology had progressed to the point that it could deliver 15-20% operating cost reduction over the present generation, since the new engines will burn 16% less fuel. L'avionneur américain Boeing a dévoilé, hier, à son usine d'assemblage de Seattle le dernier né de sa gamme 737, le MAX 10, qui est la version allongée de ses However, when American Airlines (AA)—a traditional and almost exclusively Boeing mainline customer—placed purchasing options for 280 A320neo family aircraft, along with a slew of A319 and A321ceos, the alarms went off in Seattle. However, others quickly expressed an interest in the 737RE. Benjamin from Business Insider goes on to explain that the issue is the size of the engines and the way the original 737 was designed. See here for more details. In the long run, we expect the 737-8 MAX to either match or (very slightly) outsell the A320neo. Comment choisir le meilleur extracteur de jus ? Let’s begin at the start of the series, the A321-100. Tous les signaux sont au rouge. As the ‘neo’ was winning customers among the existing ‘ceo’ operators, Boeing reasoned that its own loyal customer base would be willing to wait a few years for the NSA, which promised even better operating costs and tangible aerodynamic improvements. Le 737 MAX devrait entrer en service en 2017. The 737 doesn’t come anywhere close to the A321 aside from the fact that they are both single aisle aircraft. Then, on December 13, Southwest—the world’s largest 737 operator—announced that it would be the launch customer for the 737 MAX with a firm order for 150 aircraft plus 150 options. In 2006, Airbus launched the A320 Enhanced (A320E) program, which introduced engine upgrades, aerodynamic improvements—such as large curved wingtip devices named ‘Sharklets’—weight savings, and a new cabin design; all intended to gain efficiency, improve fuel burn, and hence attain more range and better operational costs. Boeing 737 MAX. The A320neo’s engines are understood to save at least 15% of fuel consumption and cut down on both noise and vibrations. The Max 8 has a higher MTOW. Do you think that the aviation industry will recover by 2024? Weatherwatcher1 wrote:Genuine question: how many of those orders were a result of bribes? “It flew beautifully,” said Captain Ed Wilson, Chief Pilot for the Boeing 737 program. At larger carriers, with enough critical mass to support narrow-body subfleets from two different manufacturers, we expect the 737-8 MAX and A321neo combination to frequently win the day. Boeing a révélé le 737 MAX 10 lors d'une cérémonie discrète vendredi 22... - L'Usine Aéro Both aircraft types are evolutions of the best-selling products of the two major commercial aircraft manufacturers. The Airbus A321neo vs the A321LR and the A321XLR. The Airbus A321neo will likely beat the seat-mile economics of the 737-9 MAX, and the 737-7 MAX and A319neo will likely approach parity with both aircraft being superseded by Bombardier’s C-Series. Lastly, the 737-9 MAX has the same range as the -8 MAX, whereas the A321neo’s actual (not advertised) range is estimated to be of 3,650nm (6,759km). VIDÉO - Revivez la cérémonie d'inauguration pour l'arrivée d'Emmanuel Macron au salon: La gamme Boeing pour mieux la comprendre..http://passion-aviation.html.pagesperso-orange.fr/Fiches techniques Boeing.htm#777-300. If airlines get A320neos or 737 MAXs at the right price today, that’s great; but they will generally be just fine operating the 737 NGs or A320ceos that they’ve already paid for. The -9 MAX is a limited performance from ever reaching its full potential. Boeing, while making a few similar bets, such as with India’s SpiceJet (SG), has been less aggressive in courting such customers, and is now paying the price. Even though the A320neo order book continued to expand, Boeing seemed to remain committed to the NSA. Source: … The company put forward several claims in the presentation. Author Hari Posted on September 19, 2016 Categories Airlines, Airplanes, Travel Tags 737-max, a321neo, airbus, boeing, norwegian-airlines 1 Comment on @Boeing 757 vs. 737 from a Pilot’s Perspective 737-MAX and A32x-neo However, the A321neo LR (long range) expands the A321neo’s range advantage. Le 737 NG est actuellement assemblé à Renton près de Seattle au rythme de 42 avions par mois. Author Hari Posted on September 19, 2016 Categories Airlines, Airplanes, Travel Tags 737-max, a321neo, airbus, boeing, norwegian-airlines 1 Comment on @Boeing 757 vs. 737 from a Pilot’s Perspective 737-MAX and A32x-neo During yesterday’s tele-press conference by Boeing with a program update for the 737 MAX, 737 chief program engineer John Hamilton frequently said the MAX has a 7% operating cost advantage over the A320neo. This would be the fourth time WN had launched a 737 variant, as it had in 1984 with the -300, in 1987 with the -500, and in 1997 with the -700. A comparison of current 737NG and A320ceo numbers is a reliable lead-in to the contest between MAX and neo; the high degree of commonality that exists between the current generation products and the re-engined ones provides airlines with a strong financial incentive to stay with the same manufacturer for their next-generation fleet. However, with the 787 program being plagued by a variety of technical challenges, Boeing deferred any decision to 2011. Mais Airbus prépare, pour 2019, une version LR (Long Range) de l'A321neo, qui aura un rayon d'action de près de 7500 km. The 737 MAX 9 also has a max range of 3,515 nm with passengers plus baggage (pax + bags) whereas we estimate the A321neo’s actual (not advertised) range is 3,650 nm with pax + bags, once again reversing the range advantage of the 737 MAX 8 over the A320neo. The MAX 10 would fly about the same number of passengers farther and cheaper than the Airbus A321neo, officials said (Figure 1). Boeing moved quickly on the then renamed 737 MAX—its board formally approving the program’s launch in August 2011. L’avionneur Boeing a … 737 MAX 10. The … The first 737 entered service with Lufthansa 50 years ago. Carte familles nombreuses : jusqu’à 75 % de réduction sur les billets de train. As said before the Neo vs Max sales just accelerated the difference and the grounding will also mean the time the A320 overtakes the 737 as the most produced aircraft between the two OEM's happens sooner than expected, but it was going to happen either way. The A321neo is better than the 737-900ER as a replacement for the 757. The big exception is probably represented by those carriers that need to replace their Boeing 757s, particularly those flying longer-haul routes. GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), filiale de l'américain General Electric, a pour sa part annoncé l'acquisition de 20 Boeing 737 MAX 10. Let’s begin at the start of the series, the A321-100.The A321-100 was the first stretch of the A320 developed by Airbus. The 220-seat MAX 9's inability to compete against the 236-seat A321neo has been a sore spot for Boeing in an otherwise highly successful 737 MAX sales campaign. (At the time, MAX had not been launched.) The A320neo and 737 MAX each come in three variants. L'avionneur américain espère reprendre le leadership sur ce marché avec le 737 Max10 dont le rayon d'action (plus de 7 400 km) sera plus important que celui de l'A321neo (6 850 km). Boeing finally presented the 737 MAX 10 at the ISTAT 2017 US conference in San Diego last week. The MAX 10 would fly about the same number of passengers farther and cheaper than the Airbus A321neo… Boeing contrattaque sur le marché des avions moyens courriers. A stretched MAX-9 due to slow sales against the A321NEO. (In the competition between the 737 MAX 9 and A321neo specifically, Airbus is ahead by a roughly 3-to-1 margin.) QR also balked because the GTF engine has to run in idle for three minutes following start-up; until that time frame has passed, the aircraft can’t taxi under its own power. The 737 Max didasarkan dan sedang diselidiki untuk desain yang cacat atau verifikasi keselamatan yang tidak sempurna. That favors Airbus, with its A321neo and A321neo LR—though Boeing can compete with its 737-8 MAX, as it did at Icelandair. The MAX family features new engines and airframe improvements—including new split winglets. Only on November 17, 2011, were the names of two customers released—Lion Air (JT) and leasing firm Aviation Capital Group (ACG)—and the existence of 700 commitments from nine clients was also revealed. Ostrower also analyzed that the A321neo not only seats more customers than the Boeing 737 MAX 10 but that there might have been a tilting influence over the current Bombardier CSeries dispute. Boeing 737 MAX je čtvrtá generace dvoumotorového proudového úzkotrupého dopravního letounu Boeingu 737 na krátké a střední tratě vyvinutá Boeingem jako reakce na úspěch Příští generace (Next Generation) Boeingů 737-700, 800 a 900. As it was starting with an older, and thus less optimized, airframe, Boeing had to invest more in aerodynamic improvements to squeeze in additional fuel efficiency, including the wing integration of the LEAP engine’s nacelle and a new advanced-technology winglet featuring a split tip. With oil prices as low as they are now, the A320neo and 737 MAX have shifted from being ‘essential’ purchases to ‘nice to have’ ones. So all eyes will be placed on the Singapore and Farnborough air shows for further orders while statistics begin to show which airplane is operating as promised. Entered service May 2017.-9. Vendre des milliers d'avions, c'est à la portée de n'importe qui (suffit de les donner à un euro). The 737 Max 8 has better range then the A320neo and higher max seating capacity. En octobre 2… I took a walk through the cabin mid-flight and was impressed.”. De Havilland replaced its Comet 1’s Ghost engines with the more powerful Rolls Royce Avon ones on the Comet 2. The broader point is that there is some execution risk on the GTF, and that has been signaled by the market: despite the GTF’s positioning as the preferred platform, CFM has 53% market share on the neo alone and (by default) combined market share of 79%. QR won’t take the aircraft until that drawback is fixed. Finally, the 737-9 MAX has the same range as -8 MAX, while the actual range (not advertised) of the A321 is estimated at 3,650nm (6,759 km). 737 MAX 10. In today’s aerospace market, the competition between the A320neo and the 737 MAX is a defining contest. Ce dernier était devenu le cauchemar des commerciaux de l'avionneur américain. Both of them can comfortably operate all of their missions with full loads. A320neo vs. 737 MAX – how did we get here? This looks at the issues surrounding the engine for the MAX. Airbus’ victory will likely push Boeing into finally launching the NSA (bringing the irony full circle) once it will have developed a middle of the market solution to combat the A321neo. Fin mai, la malaisienne Malindo Air, sa compagnie de lancement, a en effet mis en service son tout premier 737Max8 sur la liaison Kuala Lumpur-Singapour. The -9 MAX is a limited performance from ever reaching its full potential. The Airbus A320neo, type code A20N. Le géant américain a annoncé, dès le jour de l'ouverture du Salon aéronautique du Bourget, le lancement d'une 4ème version du 737Max. Avec le Max10 dont la mise en service est prévue en 2020, Boeing répond à l'Airbus A321neo. Depuis le crash, de nombreux experts et de nombreux pays ont mis en lumière des circonstances similaires entre les deux accidents. This makes sense, given that the -800 is by far the best-performing member of the family, offering 12 extra seats and a superior cost per available seat mile (CASM) versus the A320ceo. So, in December 2010, the European manufacturer launched the A320neo, the suffix standing for ‘new engine option’—the then-current configuration would henceforth be known as A320ceo (current engine option). D'autres concernent la cellule et les commandes de vol. Boeing a également annoncé que plus de dix clients avaient déjà passé commande du 737 MAX 10. ... leaving aside the A321Neo vs 737-Max9/10 issues. Airbus had sold close to 2,000 A320s before the 737NG’s entry into service (EIS), but Boeing rapidly narrowed the gap. This relative advantage neatly encapsulates the overarching setup for the battle between Boeing’s and Airbus’ re-engined jets. Quelle est la meilleure montre connectée ? The 737 Max 9 will replace the A320 family aircraft acquired by the airline in a 2016 merger with Virgin America, though the Airbus A321neo aircraft will stay in the fleet. Boeing 737 MAX The 737 MAX is a fourth-generation Boeing 737, re-engined with CFM LEAP-1B turbofans. Boeing’s planned new entry was initially named the 737RE (reengine). ET le constructeur européen travaille aussi sur une version rallongée de l'A321neo qui pourrait s'appeler A321neo Plus ou A322... Boeing a aussi un projet dans les cartons, baptisé 797 par certains. Ca c'est de l'information. “We were amazed at how quiet the [737-8 MAX] cabin was. Ces similarités n'ont pas été précisées par la ministre. Airbus soon realized that engine technology had progressed to the point of being able to deliver operating cost reductions ranging from 15 to 20%. The MAX 10 is a belated response to the highly successful sales of the Airbus A321neo vs the slightly smaller 737-9 MAX. For a small example, look at the software and certification issues that pushed back the initial A320neo deliveries. According to Airbus, the A320neo features 95% commonality with the A320ceo, and comes with two engine choices: the CFM LEAP-1A and the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G GTF. The recent rout in oil prices will no doubt take a bite out of the sales prospects of both aircraft families. However, when fuel is priced at $1 per gallon, those savings drop to about 6%. Thus, the majority of carriers have ported over from the NG to the MAX and from the ceo to the neo. After discounting these figures by the standard 15%-25% for factors like fuel reserve, additional payload, and headwinds, the stillair operating envelope for both these aircraft remains within the 2,500–3,100nm range, comfortably enabling them to opérate all of their missions with a full payload. Thus, pundits shouldn't read too much into Delta's decision to buy the A321neo rather than the 737 MAX 10. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Boeing is positioning its new airplane for the middle market, slotting in between the 737 Max and long-range wide bodies like the 777X and the 787 Dreamliner. That means that domestic airlines would be the primary users, since landing in a country requires air-worthiness certificates. Airlines loved the A320, but wanted a version that could carry a few more passengers (230) over the A320’s exit limit of 190. In a vacuum, the 737-8 MAX is a smidge superior to the A320neo, but other factors—such as commonality, mission profile, and availability—could tilt any particular contest in favor of Airbus. Sometimes, the strategy failed, but just as frequently, it generated tangible success and growth. Boeing did not initially disclose the identities of its 737 MAX customers. The MAX and the neo are the best-selling products for the two members of the large commercial aircraft duopoly. Quel est le meilleur home cinéma sans fil ? A320neo-family maintenance should rise from $650 million in 2018 to $3.3 billion in 2022. vinay@airwaysmag.com @TheABVinay. Le premier vol du 737 Max a lieu le 13 avril 20173, 50 ans après le premier vol du 737. The Boeing 737 MAX is the fourth generation of the Boeing 737, a narrow-body airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA). Role Narrow-body ... compared to 193 in two-class seating for the A321neo. Boeing défie Airbus avec son nouveau 737 Max10, EN DIRECT - Suivez la première journée du salon du Bourget, Calendriers et résultats des matchs en direct, Résultats, classement général Tour De France, Conseils alimentation, nutrition et santé. Update, January 2021 This year, the rectified version of the 737 Max is cleared for service in the US. LH took the first A320neo instead of Qatar Airways (QR) because it can operate it near its Lufthansa Technik maintenance center and attend to any eventualities rapidly—whereas, the Doha-based carrier can’t. In terms of performance the Max wins. The 737-7 MAX has a maximum range of 3,350nm (6,204km), whereas the A319neo’s actual (not advertised) range is estimated to be of 3,650nm (6,759km). Après le Max7, Max8 et Max9, il propose aux compagnies aériennes le Max10, qui sera le plus grand appareil de la famille, avec un fuselage rallongé de 1,68 mètre, pour faire voyager 232 passagers en classe unique et 188 passagers en bi-classes. Ce chiffre grimpera à 47 en 2017. Le 737 MAX est cloué au sol depuis quatre mois, le temps de vérifier les tests du système anti décrochage de l’appareil qui est mis en cause. ...Boeing 737-9 MAX VS Airbus A321NEO Ternyata Boeing tak tinggal diam menghadapi maraknya pemberitaan tentang Airbus A320NEO (New Engine Option). The Airbus A319neo, type code A19N. A320neo/737-8 MAX versus A320ceo/737-800) for jet fuel prices of more than $2 per gallon, and over 10% for jet fuel prices exceeding $3 per gallon. It leases 10 bigger Airbus A321neo (new engine option) jets that are its biggest and great performers on transcontinental routes. Both can comfortably operate all of their missions with a full payload. Alaska isn't completely dropping Airbus for the 737 Max. Les concurrents directs de l'A321 sont le Boeing 737-900 et le Boeing 757. He also touted the advantages of the 737-900ER over the A321, with the obvious implications that the 737-9 MAX will have an advantage over the A321neo. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Boeing offered the 707-700C, retrofitted with four General Electric/Snecma CFM56 engines, to those carriers that wished to retain their 707 fleets, but customers were lukewarm. The company put forward several claims in the presentation. BOC Aviation a … At those prices, the cash savings in operating cost per seat miles over the NGs and ceos was meaningful—about 8% among direct analogs (i.e. Aujourd’hui, l’A320neo s’arroge environ 60% de parts de marché dans les monocouloirs. Le groupe a … The A321 is simply further off the ground than the 737, which means that it can hang larger, more powerful, and more efficient turbofans off the wing. 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